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Technology and the whole modern production, in addition to the enormous progress and ever-increasing technological capabilities, cause, among other things, also destruction. The ruin is thus established as a new work of art that emerges between the forces of the contradictions between nature and human. Today nature is not being perceived as subdued to humans anymore, but in the opposite way. The human world becomes the material basis for nature, which, with its decay, excites the sublime moment and the fascination for the ruins.

In my work, I do not merely reflect the visual images of ruins, but I try to understand the logic behind their formation, transferring it into my work. I am building a painting like a ruin by separating the already existing images, which I later combine and finally transform into a new image. The viewer is constantly losing control over the image as the ruin evades our attempt to control nature. Can a painting nowadays be understood as a ruin of tradition,resisting the modern media of today’s modern technology?