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JOMO is an acronym for Joy of Missing Out and describes the pleasure of taking a break from social activity – especially social media – to enjoy personal time. The opposite acronym is FOMO- Fear OF Missing Out. YOLO is an acronym for You Only Live Once.

The actuality of the theme, the way of presentation and a constant general attention to the events on the art scene are some of the key criteria for success. But they also represent pressure. It creates an overload, which can even stop the creative process at a certain point. FOMO! But if we push it to the side, a completely different world opens up. JOMO! The newly created series of paintings shows precisely this feeling, the question of how to avoid worrying about stylistic and thematic position, institutional requirements and contexts, but simply enjoy the act of painting at a given moment, because you can. YOLO! The pictures in the series are different regarding the form, but have the same basis for the content and its role is crucial. The image was made with a smartphone, which almost always keeps track of us. It enables us to instantly record a specific moment that can be shared on social networks to prove to everyone that we have really experienced it. YOLO! With simple computer manipulations of a selected landscape image, I interweave the pictures with the technology of my time. By combining the painting tradition and the various possibilities brought about by our technology, I create my images on the canvas. I am not hiding behind “style”, but am sincerely searching for it in front of everyone’s eyes. # Nofilter. The series of paintings does not directly reflect the nature, but the image-photography. Is it because of this that the painted image is less sincere, less genuine? Well, exactly those images lead us to a comfortable couch at home. They have become our reality, which we trust more than the reality outside. JOMO!