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Blend in

Many artists perceived nature as the main inspiration for artistic creation and the possibility for escaping from the pace dictated by the mainstream society, following the increasing progress. That is exactly what I see and look for in nature myself. Walking in the mountains offers me a break from the overcrowded everyday life and awards me with unpredictable views on steep peaks and views from them.
Image depicts a mountain top on the canvas, which in reality cannot be seen without a sufficient distance or magnification by the camera. Because of the motion and reduction of the image, the picture itself creates a feeling of motion and does not allow the viewer a relaxing and clear view. In front of the painting hangs a robe (which I used for many years at work) and with its presence ironically draws attention to the absence of a human body.
The work is thus an interpretation of my perception and the feeling of the state of the relationship that we establish with nature. It is about losing connection with it, a sense of alienation caused by modern technology. This does not deviate us just from nature, but also from ourselves. Ironically, the picture invites viewers to pull their mobile phones out of their pockets and photograph a friend in front of the robe. They will be, even if only on the screen of a smartphone, blended with this powerful image of nature, at least until the illusion falls apart.